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A NOTICE TO OUR CLIENTS Regarding Covid-19


*****Corona Virus Update*****

To our valued customers:

With the onset of an unprecedented series of events due to the Covid-19 "Corona Virus" we would like to inform you of how this might affect you and/or any business dealings with Cachelin Construction at this time.

This is uncharted territory for most of us and over these last couple of weeks we've felt that quite a bit has been in the air. Now that the government has imposed "social distancing" as a means of "flattening the curve" to help with transmission and controlling the spread, we are doing all we can to aide in these efforts. At this point we consider ourselves "open" but are evaluating day by day and this could change tomorrow. "temporarily closed" due to quarantine until April 6, 2020 and possibly lock-down or isolation thereafter due to government issuing.

Should we remain "open" starting immediately we will do the following:

  • Follow "social distancing" protocol.
  • Pre-screen employees for symptoms before they enter a home.
  • Avoid interior work from now on, limiting it to emergency repairs only.
  • Avoid but aim to eliminate multiple staff from visiting multiple sites.
  • Have a minimum amount of work sites and aim for a longer queue with less overlap.
  • Correspond mostly via email but also over the phone with minimal site visits.
  • Spend time on project managing offsite when applicable
  • Use PPE whenever appropriate Except for masks while there is a shortage.

Our hope is to minimize contact as much as possible.

Those of you that have on going projects we hope that if demolition hasn't started, perhaps we postpone starting demo until we have a better idea on our resources such as sub-contractors & labor however we could still order and/or plan budgets.

For those that haven't had their projects started yet, we recommend waiting until a later date to start interior jobs. In the meantime, we'll provide a bid to contemplate.

We wish you all good health.




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