Our Vision

Cachelin Construction Ltd

Years ago we realized that housing, energy, and the environment all influence the well-being of everyone. We have stepped forward and are leading the way towards making residential houses and their inhabitants waste less energy, use less energy and promote a healthier lifestyle. We aim to provide custom home building tailored to clients with similar philosophies.

Our attention to detail allows us to focus on aspects of the building and renovating process to achieve lower energy consumption and ultimately allows the saved energy costs to be reallocated.

The “Province’s goal of requiring net-zero energy ready buildings in the BC Building Code by 2032” is a clear indicator we need to move towards cleaner, more sustainable building practices.

Energy Efficient Renovations by someone you can Trust

Reaching Net-Zero custom home building has been our focus for a long time. We think it’s not only possible, but practical.

Buildings use around 40% of global energy, 25% of global water, and account for approximately 1/3 of GHG emissions.

If we saved this energy, and used it towards growing better food, drinking better water and improving everyone’s healthcare, the world would be a much better place.